Suggested Elective Course Listing for Toxicology Concentrations

Course List for Cellular and Molecular Toxicology
TOX 7010 Mouse Pathology and Transgenesis (VTBMS 7010)
VETMM 6100 Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
VETMM 6110 Systems Pharmacology
VETMM 7090 Topics in Cancer Cell Biology (including TOX 7130)
BIOBM 4320 Survey of Cell Biology
BIOBM 4370 Eukaryotic Cell Proliferation (also TOX 4370)
BIOBM 4330 Laboratory in Cell Biology
BIOBM 6310 Protein Structure and Function
BIOBM 6330 Biosynthesis of Macromolecules
BIOBM 6360 Advanced Cell Biology
BIOBM 6390 The Nucleus
BIOBM 6380 Macromolecular Interaction and Cell Function
BIOBM 8310 Advanced Biochemical Methods I
BIOBM 8320 Advanced Biochemical Methods II
BIOBM 8330 Research Seminar in Biochemistry

Course List for Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry
BIOEE 4570/4590 Limnology: Ecology of Lakes
BIOEE 4730 Ecology of Agricultural Systems
BIOEE 6680 Principles of Biogeochemistry
CSS 3650 Environmental Chemistry: Soils, Air and Water
CSS 6660 Applied Plant/Microbe Interactions
CSS 6710 Soil Chemistry
NTRES 4100  Conservation  Biology: Concepts and Techniques

Course List for Food and Nutritional Toxicology
NS 6010 Proteins and Amino Acids
NS 6020 Lipids NS 6030 Mineral Nutrition
NS 6040 The Vitamins
NS 6050 Nutritional Biochemistry Colloquium
NS 6070 Nutrition as an Integrating Discipline
NS 6140 Topics in Maternal and Child Nutrition
NS 6200 Food Carbohydrates
NS 6210 Food Lipids
NS 6460 Seminar in Physiochemical Aspects of Food
NS 6370 Epidemiology of Nutrition
NS 6900 Trace Element and Isotopic Analysis
Food 6000 Seminar in Food Science
Food 6070 Advanced Food Microbiology
Food 6080 Chemometric Methods in Food Science
Food 6200 Food Carbohydrates (same as NS 6200)
Food 6210 Food Lipids (same as NS 6210)

Course List for Risk Assessment, Management and Public Policy
AEM 6510 Environmental Economics
CEE 5980 Introduction to Decision Analysis
CRP 5440 Resource Management & Environmental Law,
CRP 5510 Environmental Law
COMM 6860 Risk Communication
NS 6510 Food and Nutrition Action in a Social Context
NTRES 6050 Issues in Risk Analysis (Seminar; also CEE 6050)
NTRES 4020 Natural Resources Policy, Planning and Politics
PAM 6010 Introduction to Policy Analysis

~This course list was compiled by the Curriculum Committee with suggestions from the Toxicology Faculty. These courses are not the only courses that may be used as electives, but a suggested list with which to work.~